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In Situ Oil Sands SOR Reduction Initiative 2013

While SAGD is the most efficient steam-based oil recovery process yet to be demonstrated on a commercial scale in Western Canada, more cost effective solutions to tackle the overwhelming challenge of operating in the abnormally capital intensive In situ market are being tested, pioneered and proven. With CAPEX requirements surging from $3.3billion for a project start up in 2001 to $7.3 billion in 2011and OPEX rising from $10/barrel in 2001 to $20/barrel today due to rising natural gas prices, more cost effective recovery technologies are now of critical importance to project economics.

There are of course limits to what can be accomplished with basic SAGD, constrained by the physical properties of the reservoir, the steam itself and of course economics. They key to tackling these challenges lies in understanding reservoir dynamics and comparing new techniques and technologies for SOR optimization with current practices to optimize operating economics in a high cost, highly competitive market.

The commercial viability and sustainability of in situ oil sands producers therefore relies on between seasoned and new operators to identify tried and tested practices for driving down the CAPEX and OPEX of steam generation and increasing oil recovery reduce the SOR to a ratio of 1.1

The mission of the In Situ Oil Sands SOR Reduction Initiative 2013 is to uncover the latest steam injection techniques, recovery technologies, water treatment technologies and production techniques through knowledge sharing between industry innovators. The conference will see experienced operators delivering presentations on their successes and failures on trials for novel steam generation and oil recovery practices.

Speakers from E&P companies actively operating in the Athabasca oil sands region will focus on delivering tangible solutions for optimizing reservoir selection, steam based and non-condensable recovery techniques and steam quality to drive down SOR and reduce capital and operating expenditure in In Situ Oil Sands recovery.

The forum will address commonly shared production challenges at every stage of the production cycle, from reservoir selection to steam injection through to enhanced bitumen recovery from reservoirs and carbonates.

Day one will define the composition of reservoirs and identify optimal water cut areas for accurate well placement decisions to counter lean zone interaction challenges and explore innovative steam and non-steam generated techniques to maximize oil recovery and optimize SOR. Subsequent to an opening dialogue between producers on their strategies for reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of steam generation, the day will also examine innovative injection and recovery techniques, deliver solutions for optimal bitumen production, and strategies for reducing steam requirements to justify capital spending.

Day two will examine how the latest water treatment techniques affect steam recovery to ensure re-used water generates high quality steam. Speakers will then examine production solutions for controlling sand and optimizing bitumen recovery from carbonates to improve recovery and consequently, SOR. The day will conclude with an investigative look at strategies for managing diluent supply and technologies for eliminating the need for diluent altogether.

Hear The Thoughts Of Initiative Speaker, Shabir Premji, CFO of Groundstar Resources Limited Below:

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The In Situ Oil Sands SOR Reduction Initiative 2013 has been strategically developed as...

... the only event delivering timely In Situ Oil Sands production and SOR reduction solutions for E&P companies operating in the Athabasca oil sands region. With each session designed to deliver realistic first hand insights into groundbreaking In situ oil sands recovery technologies and techniques it will provide valuable commercial benefits for operators in Western Canada's oil sands plays.

Due to the interdependency of operational sustainability between SOR and CAPEX and OPEX, this agenda has been strategically engineered to amalgamate current subsurface production challenges right from reservoir selection to bitumen recovery and all stages in between.

Presentations will be delivered on the following key topics as identified by E&P executives operating in Western Canada:

OPTIMIZING COST & SOR: Hearing how producers are reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of steam generation and increasing recovery to reach an SOR of 1.1 in Western Canadian In Situ Oil Sands

UNDERSTANDING THE RESERVOIR: Defining the composition of the reservoir and water cut for accurate well placement decisions to counter lean zone interaction challenges

AUTOMATED INJECTION TECHNOLOGIES: Examining innovative steam assisted recovery technologies for optimal bitumen production

STEAM-BASED RECOVERY TECHNIQUES: Examining the latest condensable and non-condensable coinjection recovery techniques to reduce steam requirements and improve production

NON-STEAM ASSISTED RECOVERY TECHNIQUES: Understanding innovative non-steaming techniques as feasible alternative methods of recovery

WATER TREAMENT & SOR: Examining how evaporators affect quality of steam to evaluate the technology as successor for warm lime softeners

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: Improving production from carbonate reservoirs, tackling sand control and managing tripping issues to maximize recovery

WELL SPACING & STEAM INJECTION PRESSURE - IMPACT ON SOR: Examining how varying well spacing and injection pressures enable producers to optimize SOR

MANAGING DILUENT REQUIREMENTS: Investigating strategies to manage diluent supply and technologies to eliminate diluent need altogether

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